Mortgage interest rates are based off the prime rate (the amount the Federal
Reserve charges to blanks).  For this reason, you're probably not going to
find a huge difference in the rate you'll pay from one lender to another
(though some lenders will try to hide this fact by publishing a lower interest
rate and then charging discount points to make up for it).  You may find a
slight variation in the loan origination fee charged by each lender, but it
probably will not be enough to sway you from one lender to another.  So
what considerations are important in choosing a lender?

Ultimately, it comes down to your convenience.  If you have a solid credit
rating, a good mortgage loan officer should be able to tell you, within
minutes, what documents you need to turn over to him/her for processing
and have you approved for a loan within a couple of hours of receiving your

So your primary questions for a potential lender are;
  • Do you have a comprehensive selection of loan packages?  and
  • Can you provide quick, efficient service?

With those criteria in mind, we would strongly encourage you to consider the
following mortgage companies and contacts;
Mark Bailey           
PNC Mortgage
8250 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., Suite 125  
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Office: (317) 251-7472 Ext. 248
Fax: (317) 254-8029
Cell: (317) 403-1245                                 
Missy Helm, Mortgage Loan Officer
US Savings Bank
5881 E. 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Office: (317) 843-1006
Fax: (317) 843-4154
Cell: (317) 519-3718
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